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Personal Hand-Held LED Lights

Personal hand-held LED whitening gel activation light The Blue LED Light is a personal hand held teeth whitening accelerator that really works and it's easy to use. This same light technology is used by dental offices to activate peroxide based whitening gels to speed up the bleaching process. Includes 2 lithium 3V batteries, which supply 6 hours of power. Batteries are replaceable. Ideal for use with whitening gel or whitening pen. FREE USA shipping.

10 Personal LED Activation Lights
(Batteries included)

$34.99    Quantity

Professional Office Light

Professional Office Chairside Whitening Light Model TW-L001 Dental Office - Salon/Spa Whitening Light
High intensity light application developed specifically for dental office or salon use. The highly luminescent LED head has a surround design and is flex mounted for adjusting positions. Specific wavelength light source accelerates the oxidization process to quickly achieve whitening results and minimize dental office schedules.

Model TW-L001 Pro Office/Salon Light
(Variable Position Head)

$395.00    Quantity

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