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Remineralization Gel Syringes for post-whitening treatment Remineralization gel is blue in color and contains sodium flouride and other ingredients for replenishment. Applied following teeth whitening treatments, gel helps restore essential minerals back to teeth and reduces tooth sensitivity, which is a common side effect of peroxide teeth whitening. Remineralization gel is made in the USA.

How to use the remineralization gel? After the whitening process, a light strip of remineralization gel is dispensed into the front and back of the tray. Trays are then worn for approximately 10-15 minutes. May be used after each whitening treatment or at user discretion between whitening sessions. Syringes are made of high quality materials and manufactured by USA based medical equipment company Becton Dickinson (NYSE:BDX). FREE USA shipping.

25 Remineralization Gel 3ml Syringes
Essential mineral replenishment.

$39.95    Quantity

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