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Single Arch Moldable Dental Impression Trays Dental Whitening Trays are USA Made, moldable using easy hot water method. Trays are 1.5mm wall thickness providing greater durability than many cheap DIY dental whitening trays. Relaxed fit single-arch design insures good teeth impressions and allows extended wear comfort. Thermo-sensitive material is ready to mold after being submerged into hot water after just a few seconds. Made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Contains no latex in the composition and material is FDA Approved for use in the mouth. Two trays are required for upper and lower teeth whitening. FREE USA shipping.

50 Moldable Dental Whitening Trays

$34.95    Quantity


Dual Arch Non-Moldable Dental Impression Trays Dual-Arch Whitening Trays are a thick, completely clear material that is not moldable. Used primarily in office situations in conjunction with professional chairside LED lights. The dual arch tray is designed with a bulbous front that efficiently disperses light to teeth. The dual arch tray can be used to whiten upper and lower teeth simultaneously. Tray is very sturdy construction and may be cleaned and sanitized for multiple re-uses. FREE USA shipping.

10 Dual Arch Whitening Trays

Office use with chairside lights.

$29.95    Quantity

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